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$10.99 Shrimp and Grits
$11.99 8oz Slow Roasted Prime Rib

$12.99 Prime NY Strip

$5 off all bottles of wine

$4.00 of Chef's Inspirations
$2.00 off Our Cocktail List

FREE Wine Tasting 5-8pm
Benny Hill Jazz starting at 7pm
Free Dessert or Appetizer
with the purchase of any wine bottle

***Date Night***

Purchase any 2 entrees and a bottle of wine
and enjoy a complimentary a shared appetizer and dessert
$11.99 8oz Slow Roasted Prime Rib

$10 off all bottles of wine over $35

$19.99 3-Course Prixe Fixe Menu
Live music from 8-10:30pm


Fried Oyster Roosters  —  $9
Saltine crust, jalapenos, horseradish, hot sauce

Stuffed Meatballs  —  $6
Pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, garlic bread

Scallops  —  $10
Roasted mushrooms, blueberries, arugula

Fried Green Tomatoes  —  $8
Pork belly, shrimp salad, baby heirloom tomatoes, watercress aioli

Crispy Cauliflower  —  $6
Romano, lemon, arugula pesto

Shrimp N Grits  —  $11
Shrimp, andouille sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms, grit cakes

Crab Dip  —  $9
Blue crab, parmesan, cream cheese, focaccia


Add a Protein to any Salad
∞ Chicken Salad $4.00 ∞
∞ Chicken $5.00 ∞
∞ Shrimp $7.00 ∞
∞ Salmon* $9.00 ∞
∞ 7oz. NY Strip* $10.00 ∞

Chef Inspired Soup of the Day
∞ Cup  —  $4 ∞
∞ Bowl  —  $7 ∞

House  —  $3/$5
Greens, grape tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers -N- carrots

Caesar  —  $3/$5
Romaine, Parmesan, croutons -N- house Caesar dressing

Thai Shrimp Salad  —  $14
Greens, red onion, Mandarin oranges, roasted red peppers, sesame vinaigrette, soy-sweet chili fried shrimp

Cobb  —  $11
Romaine, spring mix, hard-cooked egg, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, tomato, marinated chicken

Spinach  —  $6/9
Dried cranberries, spiced walnuts, granny smith apples, bacon, brie croutons, honey-balsamic vinaigrette

Endive  —  $5/8
Arugula, pickled onions, goat cheese, blueberries, radish, cider vinaigrette


USDA Prime NY Strip*  —  $20
10 oz. cut, chef red wine demi-glace, choice of two (2) sides
Wine Pairing  —  R721, R602, R500, R120

Ribeye*  —  $22
    12 oz. cut, chef red wine demi-glace, choice of two (2) sides
Wine Pairing  —  R663, R545, R490, R144

Prime Rib* (Thursday thru Sunday ONLY)  —  $17 / 23
8 oz or 12 oz cut, slow roasted, choice of two (2) sides
Wine Pairing  —  R779, R692, R436, R354

Pulled Pork Enchiladas  —  $15
    Flour tortillas, braised pork shoulder, cheddar, chipotle ranchero sauce, Pico de Gallo, sour cream.  Served with black beans, rice
Wine Pairings  -  R654, R351, R240, W425

Chef Inspirations

Pork Chop  —  $16
Sweet-tea brine, creamy cheddar grits, braised kale, redeye gravy
Wine Pairing  —  R202, R676, W007, W571

Beef Ribs  —  $20
Bone in beef ribs, root beer glaze, fried onion ring, collards
    Wine Pairing  —  R340, R460, R726, R044

Seafood Pirlau  —  $23
Fresh local fish, shrimp, scallops, andouille sausage, peppers, tomato, herb rice
Wine Pairing  —  W230, W528, W473, W421

Chicken Fried Chicken  —  $15
Buttermilk soaked chicken, sawmill gravy, grilled rapini
Wine Pairing  —  R601, W187, W545, W491

Creole Shrimp N Chicken Thighs  —  $18
Pan seared chicken, shrimp, okra, rice, andouille, peppers
Wine Pairing  —  W432, W479, W487, W184

Pork Belly —  $17
Braised pork belly, chilis, San Marzano tomatoes, white wine, basil, bucatini
Wine Pairing  —  S013, W400, R493, R201

Salmon  —  $18
Grilled polenta, roasted tomato, summer squash, blistered sweet corn bisque
Wine Pairing  —  W012, W525, W431, W614

Scallops  —  $22
Cornmeal bread pudding, succotash, pesto butter
Wine Pairing  —  W030, W170, W527, W507

Fresh Catch  —  MARKET
Sweet pea risotto, roasted tomatoes, asparagus, grilled lemon
Wine Pairing  —  W414, W436, W494, W032

All Time Favorites

Shrimp N Grits  —  $18
Shrimp, andouille sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms, grit cakes
Wine Pairing  —  W414, W436, W494, W032

Pot Roast  —  $13
Slow braised top round, celery, carrots, onions, whipped potatoes
Wine Pairing  —  R678, R642, R414, R799

Meat Loaf (Chef's secret recipe)  —  $12
Whipped potatoes, sautéed spinach, heirloom tomato jam, onion straws
Wine Pairing  —  R798, R571, R206, R434

Chicken Pot Pie  —  $13
Braised chicken, creamy broth, onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, green peas, puff pastry, parmesan
Wine Pairing  —  W211, W446, W504, W001

Vegetable Lasagna  —  $13
Zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, sweet peppers, ricotta, mozzarella, Pomodoro
Wine Pairing  — R787, R677, R390, W49

Chicken Marsala  —  $16
Chicken medallions, mushrooms, marsala sauce, farfalle pasta
Wine Pairing  —  R501, W477, R204, W514

Lighter Faire

Shaved Prime Rib  —  $13
Shaved prime rib, caramelized onions, cherry peppers, herb mayonnaise, provolone, arugula, baguette

Pesto Chicken  —  $12
Grilled chicken breast, pesto, mozzarella, arugula, roasted red peppers, red onions, Texas toast

Pulled Pork Sandwich  —  $11
Pulled pork, root beer glace, sautéed collards and onions, cheddar, toasted baguette

Roasted Vegetable Pita  —  $10
Zucchini, squash, sweet peppers, onion, pesto, mozzarella

Shrimp Roll  —  $12
Shrimp salad, lettuce, tomato, toasted baguette

"BLT" Sliders  —  $10
Pork belly, arugula, tomato jam, herb mayo

Fish Tacos (2)  —  $13
Blackened local fish, avocado ranch, Pico de Gallo

Oyster Po Boy  —  $13
Fried oysters, lettuce, tomato, spicy remoulade

Crab Cakes  —  $14
Herb rice, arugula, roasted tomatoes, artichokes, sweet corn aioli
(Served as is; does NOT come with choice of chips or sweet potato waffle fries)


Whipped Potatoes  —  $4
Roasted Garlic

Potatoes Croquette  —  $4
Bacon, sharp cheddar

Crispy Cauliflower  —  $4
Garlic oil, rosemary, thyme

Collards  —  $4
Bacon, garlic, cider vinegar

Grilled Asparagus  —  $4
Lemon, olive oil, black pepper

Grilled Rapini  —  $4
Chilis, garlic, olive oil

Plate O' Sides  —  $9
Choice of 3 sides


Signature Coconut Cake  —  $7
Coconut cream cake, buttercream icing, shredded coconut

Chocolate Cake a la Mode  —  $8
Warm dark chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream

Tiramisu  —  $7
Espresso liqueur-soaked lady fingers, mascarpone custard, cocoa

SNS Personal Apple Pie a la Mode  —  $7
Puff pastry, Granny Smith apples, cinnamon sauce, vanilla ice cream

Deconstructed Bananas Foster  —  $9
Flaming spiced rum marinated bananas, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream

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