Dinner Seating Starts at 4pm

SNS Homemade Sides
SNS Mashed Potatoes
∞ SNS Loaded Mashed Potatoes +$1 ∞ House Fries ∞ Cup of Soup ∞ House/Caesar Salad ∞ Cole Slaw ∞ Seasonal Vegetables ∞ Sweet POTATO Fondant ∞ Whipped Sweet POTATOES ∞ Collards ∞ Baked Potato(Thursday-Saturday only)

***Items may be cooked to order; the consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, 
meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase, your risk of foodborne illness***

For over 20 years Sweet n Savory Cafe has been the local restaurant of Wilmington NC. Located near the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge you can stop by going or coming from the beach! If your looking for a established can't go wrong restaurnt in Wilmington, well you found it!