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BUT remember that here at Sweet n Savory Cafe that is use to be true that  loose lips sink battleships(Link WW II Advertising to civilians from the war dept.), it is true all our customers help us grow. We love ya all and look forward to you being the best PR there is in this town. YOU, word of mouth. Join the cause today, we are onboard with it! Shameless we know, but you are who we are here for and love to have even more fans as we grow!

So why do you talk about us, because you love our BRAND! Simple as that and we love you all for it. Please come again and have your next memory with Sweet and Savory, regional cuisine, wine, Jazz with Benny Hill & good American loved music in between and well those most important ingredient YOU, your loved ones or co-workers. As we said before, We love ya all!!!

Rob Shapiro
- Jan. 2018 -
"We love serving the Wilmington community, Wrightsville Beach, tourist and locals. After 20 years we have become a mainstay in the community. SNS Cafe has been able to do this , because we really do love serving you great food.  Every meal we do right, well that was one more happy customer & maybe even a family memory. Now repeat 300,000 more times every year. A bit daunting, but those smiles, those conversations, those moments. That is why I own Sweet n Savory, to make life a little better for everyone that comes through our doors....."

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