World War II Loose Lips Sink Ships

In the Winter of 1941-42 our naval forces had taken a severe beating at Pearl Harbor. While we had been supplying England with Destroyers to fight the Nazi U-Boats and the USA was also transporting food to England in the Atlantic. Now with America fully into the war our country had to make sure our shipping lanes, departures times and ships stayed safe. The War Department enlisted NY's finest advertisers and artists to come up with mental reminders of what talking to friends and neighbors about secrets could mean for our Navy and Soldiers. 

From this effort "Loose Lips Sink Sinks" was born and while these images are not graphic by our standards, it was for the time due to the emotion the evoked in people.

So here at Sweet n Savory we want to remind you that loose lips build restuarants and we love for your to share your experiences with all your fireds and family.