About our Wine List and Philosophy

At Sweet n Savory Cafe, we love wine and believe that it is an integral part of every meal.  Accordingly, we have worked very hard (and we continue to work hard) to make our wine list deep, broad, interesting, educational and AFFORDABLE.  We will be updating this list at least monthly to keep it fresh and up to date and to constantly bring you new selections to choose from.   So, raise your glass and enjoy a toast – cheers, prosit (Austrian), Iechyd da (welch), oogy wawa (zulu), chia (Vietnam), serefe (Turkey), afya (Swahili), salud (Spanish), Noroc (Romanian), na zdravi (czech), proost (dutch), ba’sal’a’ma’ti (farsi), a votre santi (french), slaandjivaa (gaelic), okole maluna (Hawaiian), a la sature (indian), l’chiam (Hebrew), kampai (japan), gom bui (Cantonese), skal (Norway).  Have fun, enjoy the fruit of the vine. And may all of your pains be champagnes!!